Phone Booth is Transformed Into Community Library

phone box converted to library photo

BBC News via Shedworking

TreeHugger loves Product Service Systems like libraries, creative reuse and small spaces, so how could we not love the new library in the Somerset town of Westbury-sub-Mendip. The town was not only losing its phone booth but the bookmobile service to the area was recently cancelled, so the citizens bought the booth and turned it into a library. It is a free exchange; users stock it with a book they have read, swapping it for one they have not.


Banksy's take on the iconic phone box
Alex at Shedworking calls it "the titchiest public library in the UK"; I had to look that up, and found that "titchy" is a British colloquialism for "very small."

According to This is Somerset, Village resident Janet Fisher came up with the idea after they lost the phone booth and the library in quick succession. She and fellow villagers cleaned the box, installed the shelves and begged and borrowed the first books.

Now villagers young and old have a new library and the future of the villages' familiar landmark is secure. "I only suggested the idea because I knew it would get done. Westbury is a village of doers and things happen,"Janet said. "It's a village that gets things done."

Add community activism to the things we like about this.

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