Phillipe Starck Uses His Super Powers For Good Instead of Evil

starck wind turbine photo

Image from Inhabitat

One could almost hear the collective rolling of eyes when Phillipe Starck said "I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact. Everything I designed was unnecessary." Harry Wakefield of Mocoloco suggested " "Why don't you devote that substantial talent and media savvy of yours to making stuff that's smarter, more sustainable, and dare we say it, cool, in that gotta have it, materialistic way you know so well."

Well, it appears that he took Harry's advice; Alice Rawsthorn writes in the New York Times that Phillipe is developing relatively cheap, attractive, energy-saving products to "introduce everybody to ecology."

starck as superman photo
"Imagine a Saturday afternoon, and a guy going stupidly to the supermarket to buy a useless gadget," Mr. Starck said. "He sees a really sexy object. 'Oh my God, it's beautiful. How much does it cost? Five hundred euros? That's almost what I'd spend on a useless gadget.' He brings the windmill home, goes to his roof, and 15 minutes later he sees it turning and producing energy. Wow!"

Rawsthorn writes:

"Mr. Starck's turbine is one of dozens of alternative energy sources that have come onto the market recently, but there are sound reasons for taking his product seriously. One is that it's deftly designed, not least because the blades are made of transparent plastic, and are virtually invisible on the roof. Another is that it's designed by him, and Mr. Starck has been so successful at persuading people to buy visually seductive but slightly silly objects — plastic Louis XV chairs, lamps with gun-shaped bases, garden gnome stools and so on — that he may well be able to do the same for something that is actually useful." ::New York Times

starck exhibition of turbine photo

Jill Fehrenbacher described the turbine in Inhabitat:

"The windmill can generate 20-60% of the energy needed to power a home, at a price point of around 400 Euros ($633). Not realistically within everyone's budget, but by combining creativity and elegance with ecology Starck will hopefully encourage more people to take greener steps. And for those who don't want their conservation pieces to be conversation pieces, a subtler version has been proposed." ::Inhabitat

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