Philippe Starck reinvents the wood burning stove with the SPEETBOX

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In North America, wood stoves are usually old-timey, cutesy and ugly, and in some cities, burning wood is being banned because of pollution, particularly from particulates. In the country, people are outraged at the EPA for its new standards, and fear Obama wants to take their wood stoves away. As seen on TreeHugger, burning wood is a controversial issue.

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In Europe, it is apparently less so. There, wood stoves can be modern and beautiful and are often used where one only needs heat for a few nights each year. This one is designed by Philippe Starck for French company SPEETA; Starck pitches it in poetry:

Mastering fire,
Mastering time,
Speeta has done it.
Modules that are neither too big nor too small, discreet with elegance but above all with intelligence.
Electronically-controlled fire.
Heat stored in stone, the stone you want.
An infinite set of cubes, large or small, around the fire module and the electronic module, a cube of pebbles, a cube of logs, a cube of books, a cube to sit on, white, black, silver, brick,
different styles.
Limpid, self-evident, technological, Speeta."

They claim that it is 79 percent efficient and puts out very few particulates, at 30mg/Nm3. (they say a conventional wood stove puts out 80 and a fireplace, 1500 to 5000)

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Perhaps the cleverest thing is the box of rocks, which “accumulates heat during the heating phase and gradually diffuses it for more than 24 hours once the stove has been stopped.” And the modularity is really interesting, the way one can pile up the boxes in so many different ways.

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And of course, there is an app, which controls “room temperature, hot air distribution, power and speed of combustion, control of lighting and electrical outlets or even the analysis of the stove's flue emissions.” Sitting in the bedroom, it looks rather like an old fashioned TV in need of a pair of rabbit ears, an interesting inversion on that old video of a fire that people used to play on their TVs. It is a mix of high tech and low, according to SPEETA’s chairman, Guillaume Boutte:

"With SPEETBOX BY S+ARCK, we wanted to design something more than a simple woodburning stove. It is a genuine piece of high performance heating furniture, embedded with all the latest technology to satisfy eco-responsible requirements."

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It’s interesting that SPEETA has a sister company, IRFTS that does photovoltaic roofs, and that they see it all part of a package, noting that the “objectives shared by the two entities are to create a range of 100% renewable energy solutions”. After all, what’s wood but a form of stored solar energy?

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Philippe Starck reinvents the wood burning stove with the SPEETBOX
And they even claim it's green.

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