PetalDrops: Rainwater Collector for On the Go

Petal Drops in Rain Catcher by Quirky Photo

Image via: Quirky

We may not be big fans of plastic water bottles, but the new Petal Drops rainwater-collecting flower that sits on top of any reusable bottle is a cool idea. Design website Quirky lets users choose which items are created, but only after it reaches a purchase commitment threshold will the item go into production. The PetalDrops recycled rainwater collector is a great eco-stocking stuffer or item for the green guy or gal with everything, but who is always looking for the next great green gadget. This quirkly, bright little flower, created by the folks at Quirky, sets atop any regular bottle and funnels water into the bottle, just like a regular flower might. Using principles from nature, the Quirky folks created a "new" invention. While you might not want to collect rainwater to drink it yourself, if you happen to live in a small space, this would be a great alternative to a large rainwater collector. Folks with small apartments and patios don't have the space for rainbarrels and they don't have the lawns that need constant watering. But, if they do have houseplants or patio plants, they can simply set a couple of these Petal Drops out and gather water in water bottles for future watering of houseplants and other various uses.

Petal Drops are created out of 100% recycled HDPE and screw right onto a regular threaded bottle. We bet once you get started collecting water, you'll soon find plenty of uses. Just make sure you're not also creating a mosquito breeding ground at the same time and be sure to either use the water before too much time has passed, or add dunks or tea tree oil if the water might sit there for days (or weeks).

Quirkys is an online designer for budding entrepreneurs. They will create your item, for a small fee, and members can vote on projects that they feel are worthy of production and promotion. You can purchase Petal Drops on Quirky's online store for just $4.50 USD each but hurry up and give the PetalDrops your vote or no one will get rainwater this holiday season.

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