PET Project: Recycled Plastic Art by Miwa Koizumi


We first spotted the work of artist Miwa Koizumi in the last issue of Surface magazine; digging a little deeper, we found that she is now selling digital photography prints of her work. The series she entitles "PET project" is a clever collection of #1 plastic bottles (Polyethylene terephthalate, better known as PET) recycled and melted, cut and otherwise altered to look like sea creatures, mostly jellyfish. Says the artist, "I love the idea of using liquid containers to make water animals. Contained/containing, trash/not-trash, like the jelly-fish or anemone: Living/non-living. And I wanted some pets...I have as much material as I want just by fishing in the garbage." While it is a cool way to reuse some old San Pellegrino water bottles and the like, the real charm of the project is the trash-to-art process, and though it's fairly easy to see that the new jellyfish is really old plastic, it's cool enough to not really matter. Check out more at the PET project website. ::Miwa Koizumi via ::MoCo Loco