PET Bottles Recycled Into Bright Lamps, Table Legs, Flower Pots In Chile

Recycled PET Bottles Flower Pot by Sofia Montero Photo

Photos: Sofia Montero.

Motivated by a workshop at the Chilean Catholic University during her studies, designer Sofia Montero developed ADN PET: a line of products from tops and bottoms of recovered PET bottles.

While we've seen plastic bottles recycled everywhere from a suitcases to entire houses with different methods, there's something interesting about the structure in these products.The designer and her partner found a way to make structures that were more resistant to weight and that wouldn't loose their shape with the use of rivets.

Depending on the place of the unions and combinations, the result is a varied line of products that include lamps, table legs, and flower pots, among others. Given the variety of PET bottles in the market, there are eight different colors of lamps.

Recycled PET Bottles Table by Sofia Montero Photo

Recycled PET Bottles Lamp by Sofia Montero Photo

Recycled PET Bottles Lamp by Sofia Montero Photo

Apart from looking pretty cool, the pieces are simple, useful, very low-tech to produce and easy to replicate.

These are qualities the designer was especially interested in, since too many times sustainable design tries too hard and ends up being useless and unattractive, or too expensive and impossible to reproduce, as she told Quinta Trends.

Recycled PET Bottles LED Lamp by Sofia Montero Photo

Recycled PET Bottles Lamp Lit by Sofia Montero Photo

[UPDATED] The line was produced in 2009 and the designer is now developing new products. Some of ADN PET lamps are sold at the Chilean online design store Molde, and for more info you can contact the designer through e-mail at sofiamontero at gmail dot com.

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