PermaFLOW See-Through Drain Doesn't Clog, Removes Need for Toxic Chemicals

PermaFLOW never clog sink again photo

Clever, But Think Before You Buy
This invention falls in the "obvious in retrospect" category. While I've never had much problems with blocked drains, there's a whole "unclogging" industry around the world that sells all kinds of devices and chemicals to deal with this problem. The PermaFLOW see-through drain uses good old mechanical action to replace those chemicals; since it's transparent, you can have a quick look and see what's going on ("is that my earing?"), and if there's blockage, just turn the knob. Clever.
PermaFLOW see through sink drain pipe photo

Of course, if you don't have problems with clogged sinks, this isn't for you. And if you do have frequent clogging problems, you might want to treat the cause instead of the symptom (what do you pour down your drain?!).

Who This is For
But to all those people out there (hopefully not regular TreeHugger readers) who use chemicals and spend lots of time disassembling pipes under sinks, this could be a very green way to solve your problem. I haven't tried it to I can't vouch for the quality, but the Amazon product page linked below has many reviews that could be helpful.

Just make sure you try the good old plunger before you do anything else...

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