Permaculture Magazine: Solutions for Sustainable Living

We have covered the concept of Permaculture before. Like biomimicry, it is basically a system of design that draws influence from natural systems. While it is often thought of as a garden, or farm design system, permaculture design can be used to inform many aspects of human systems, from community planning to housing or business development. The Transition Town concept, for example, which we have covered here, is heavily influenced by permaculture.

For those wishing to learn more about this concept, they could do a lot worse than taking out a subscription to Permaculture Magazine. Published in the UK, but available worldwide, this magazine includes accessible, how-to information on all aspects of green living, from alternative energy, to peak oil, to community planning, to specific food growing techniques and more. Its solutions oriented approach will be extremely appealing to many Treehuggers, and there is almost always a lively but informed debate going on in the letters pages. The latest issue includes an interview with peak oil expert Richard Heinberg and articles on community gardening, DIY rainwater harvesting, planning a woodland, eco-rennovation, and raised bed vegetable gardening. Each issue also includes a news section, product reviews, course listings, a classified ads section, and news from the Global Ecovillage Network.

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