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Yesterday we brought you news of two important green tourism initiatives, the budget St Athans Hotel in central London and the Earthship France project that is creating an innovative new type of vacation rental in Normandy. Given that we read about both of these in the newsletter of the Permaculture Association UK, we thought it was about time that we acknowledged this grassroots environmental organization in a bit more detail [disclosure: this author has been a member for many years]. The Leeds-based organization is involved in a huge range of projects, some of which are overtly permaculture oriented, and others that are more generally geared towards sustainable living. For those who are still not clear about what permaculture actually is, you can check our our post (and a mini-movie) here, or you can go to the association's more in-depth explanation here. The following is a small taster to get you started:

"Permaculture is about creating sustainable human habitats by following nature's patterns." It uses the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems to provide a framework and guidance for people to develop their own sustainable solutions to the problems facing their world, on a local, national or global scale. It is based on the philosophy of co-operation with nature and caring for the earth and its people."

In its efforts to promote permaculture and sustainability, the Permaculture Association UK works with schools, charities, community groups and businesses to promote local solutions to environmental problems. It also organizes educational displays and workshops at festivals and events, and co-ordinates a network of international projects. Members receive a quarterly newsletter packed with updates and information, and are also entitled to discounts with a number of affiliated businesses. The association organizes an annual 'convergence', an opportunity to meet in the real world and swap knowledge, skills and resources, while getting to know folks with a similar passion. Readers interested in Permaculture should also check out Permaculture Magazine (and our interview with editor Maddy Harland here and here). ::Permaculture Association UK::via site visit:: Image Credit - Designed Visions::

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