Reinvented Retro-Style Bicycle Rickshaw Gets 'Round

Kenneth Cobonpue Eclipse Pedicab Rickshaw© Kenneth Cobonpue

With millions of rickshaws on the road worldwide (there are over 100 million motorized rickshaws in Asia alone), it's no surprise that they can range from the high-tech hybrids to the more basic pedal-powered types. Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue, who also designed this intriguing hand-woven, bamboo concept car, undertook the task of redesigning the bicycle rickshaw into something much more refreshing for urban roads.

Kenneth Cobonpue Eclipse Pedicab Rickshaw© Kenneth Cobonpue

Employing his signature woven aesthetic, Cobonpue's "Eclipse" concept rickshaw is based off a version of the pedicab found in the Philippines, which uses three wheels and places the cab off to the side. It features a retro-style bicycle off to one side, with an open, two-seater circular cab.

There's a protective curtain that can come down on both ends, and I like how the overall curvaceous feel of it contrasts with its boxier cousins.

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Kenneth Cobonpue Eclipse Pedicab Rickshaw© Kenneth Cobonpue

Of course, this redesign may not fit everywhere; it looks bigger and less maneuverable than most pedicabs and rickshaws -- therefore it may be at a disadvantage on highly congested roads, and any torrential rain and dust coming in may be a problem. Nevertheless, it's an admirable attempt to make this kind of vehicle more appealing on a larger scale. Check out more over at Kenneth Cobonpue.

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