PC-1 House By Pb Elemental on World's Greenest Homes

pc1 house worlds greenest homes photo exterior

photos via Archdaily

I have been trolling the reels of the the Planet Green show World's Greenest Homes and find quite a few that TreeHugger missed over the years. A good example is Pb Elemental of Seattle's PC1 House; PC stands for Politically Correct, which it hardly is at 2,850 square feet and with polycarbonate walls. But it does have some interesting features.

pc1 house worlds greenest homes photo interior

The architects wrote in Archdaily:

This single family residence responds to the clients' desire to live in a dramatic and well-lit space. Translucent polycarbonate sheets enclose the major living spaces resulting in an abundance of natural light and an interior wall that changes with the weather.

We learn from the video that the polycarbonate walls let through enough light that the concrete floor stores the heat during the day and warms the house during the night. It uses local and economical materials extensively as well. To call it Politically Correct might be an overstatement, but I love the idea of having so much diffuse natural light.

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