Pawlyn Astonishes Lomborg with Economics of Biomimicry + Restorative Design (VIDEO 3 of 3)

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The diligence with which the Exploration team did their research for Michael Pawlyn's debate with Lomborg comes into full effect in this third and final part of the presentation at the British Council for Offices 2009 conference which took place in Edinburgh last month. As in Part 1 and Part 2 Pawlyn takes apart the theories from Lomborg's book Cool It, most particularly the proposal that cutting carbon costs $20 a tonne. He concludes with the inspirational use of biomimicry in design, urging us to look to nature to fulfill our potential and create a positive future to "astonish the gods". Click through to watch the final part of Pawlyn's presentation...
Bjorn Lomborg Refuses to Be Filmed
Unfortunately we do not have footage of Bjorn Lomborg's presentation at this debate, nor any response from him to Michael Pawlyn's presentation, we've been informed that Lomborg refused to be filmed for the event. So while we can't give you the 'other side of the story' as it were, we can convey reports that Lomborg looked visibly uncomfortable and somewhat shaken through out Pawlyn's in depth look at the economics of cutting carbon through sustainable architecture.

Is Lomborg a Delayer or Denier?
Pawlyn himself has reported to us on the event giving a brief run down of Lomborg's presentation and anaylsis of his current position: "In essence what he said was his set piece that the economic case for tackling climate change doesn't stack up (tackling it would cost a huge amount while doing little good), there are higher priorities (like tackling HIV and malnutrition in Africa) and the best way to tackle climate change is through long-term investment in R&D; - this is why some people call him a delayer rather than a denier.

The Skeptic Moves Positions
"What Anna Maria Orru's research (for Exploration) showed (to me at least) is that he is still a denier - just a more sophisticated one. The skeptics position has moved from 'it's not happening' to 'it is happening but it's not caused by humans' to 'it is caused by humans but it's not that serious / the case for action is not that strong / there are higher priorities'."

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