Paul Rudolph House Not Saved After All


We were not entirely thrilled last month when a Paul Rudolph house was going to be saved by cutting it apart and moving it, but it was better than the demolition that has hit so many other mid century modern buildings. Now it turns out that the deal has fallen apart. According to the New York Times, The purchasers visited the property: Still planning to proceed, Mr. Sachs said, he and Mr. Lindores went to see the house on Monday and found it irreparably damaged. He said the kitchen cabinetry had been torn out, along with the distinctive bathroom tiles and fixtures. He also said copper flashing had been removed from the house's perimeter.

"For us this seemed insane — how could this have happened?" Mr. Sachs said in a telephone interview. "It's not in original condition anymore."

So another one bites the dust. ::New York Times