Cool Parametric Clocks: Made Digitally & Crowd-Funded (Video)

LeeLABS Para Clock© LeeLABS

Crowd-funded, independent design is gaining traction, thanks to sites like Kickstarter; besides helping to revive expired patents, it's also helping this family of three designers get a leg up in producing these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind clocks.

LeeLABS Para Clock© LeeLABS

Made by Brian, John, and Lindsey Lee of New York-based LeeLABS, these visually stimulating Para Clocks are being made possible thanks to digital fabrication tools, parametric software, and a bit of coin from the virtual Kickstarter community:

We were first inspired by radial geometry and symmetry found in architecture and textiles from every culture around the world. Certain patterns from these cultures can be boiled down to a simple set of steps and rules for making them. Designing using parametric software allows us to create many variations of radial patterns based off of similar sets of rules; but these are then played with and manipulated, allowing each pattern to be expressive in surprising ways.

The clocks are made out of "special, high strength concrete" (not the greenest material, we know -- but at least it's made on a small scale and sure to last longer than most clocks), using a mold that's digitally-fabricated, as you can see from their video:

The Para Clock currently comes in six eye-pleasing designs.

LeeLABS Para Clock© LeeLABS

But there will be more: according to the designers, the next step (after Kickstarter funding has closed) is to develop an app that will allow customers to design the clock they want. Pretty neat! For more info, check out either Para Clock's website or their Kickstarter page.

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