Is the PancakeBot the best thing ever or just another piece of electronic crêpe?

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In past posts about waffle slabs, I have noted my predilection for waffles over pancakes, which I consider to be limp and formless. Waffles, on the other hand, have form and real substance, structure and rigidity.

But I may have to eat may words, and some pancakes, now that I have learned about the PancakeBot. It is a printer (they say 3D printer but really, pancakes are pretty much 2D), it was a Kickstarter that actually got built (after raising $460K from over 2,000 backers, clearly there is demand for this) , it is a Unitasker, one of those kitchen appliances that does just one thing and sits there taking up space the rest of the time. It pushes every TreeHugger “Just what we needed” button.

PancakeBot© PancakeBot
Now, it is clever, and you have to admire the inventor Miguel Valenzuela, who “is a husband, father, inventor, and artist who daylights as a civil engineer. Currently living in Norway, he spends his time teaching kids about the maker movement, designing and building robots, and working with his daughters on new ideas.”

You can kind of see the point when you read the official description:

The PancakeBot™ is the world’s first food printer capable of printing pancakes by automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle in any shape of the user’s choosing. Pancake designs can be loaded onto the PancakeBot™ via USB or SD card. Representing an evolution in food-printing technology, PancakeBot lets kids and adults express their creativity through food while exploring technology.

It’s also three hundred bucks for something that will be used- how many times? Can it do anything else? Or is it just another piece of electronic crêpe? I really cannot decide if it is brilliant or the silliest thing we have ever shown on TreeHugger. Perhaps it is both.

Is the PancakeBot the best thing ever or just another piece of electronic crêpe?
I prefer waffles but may have to eat my words. And pancakes.

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