Packaging the Sorapot


We have covered Joey Roth's reinvention of the teapot; its packaging is almost as interesting. He tells us:

"I designed the packaging's shape and chose materials with impermanence in mind. It's made from post-consumer recycled cardboard and molded pulp- exactly the same material as egg crates. Instead of hiding these materials behind a layer of glossy paper (as is often done with retail packaging), I tried to articulate the cardboard's natural beauty as much as possible, using its fluting and imperfections as central design elements. The package is fastened with natural jute rope, and avoids the use of tape and staples. The instructions are printed on a single scroll of recycled paper that comes wrapped around the teapot's glass tube."


Unlike, say an Apple iPod box which is as elegant and finished as the contents, I love the juxtaposition of such a finely finished object with the rough and ready packaging.


Sabine at Mocoloco writes "The combination of post-consumer recycled cardboard and molded pulp is the same material used for egg cartons. Roth focused on the cardboard’s natural imperfections and fluting as an integral part of the design and uses natural jute to fasten the package."