Packaging Lights: Recycling Green Lighting by Anke Weiss

Green lighting: Packaging light from Anke Weiss

Extraneous packaging and poor packaging design are a couple of TreeHugger's least favorite things, so we're always glad to see examples of better packaging and creative ways to reuse old packaging and keep it out of the landfill. Falling into the latter category is the green lighting from Amsterdam-based designer Anke Weiss; appropriately named "Packaging Lights," it takes typically disposable packaging -- cookies, juice, and soap, just to name a few -- and gives it new life as lighting.

We've seen this kind of thing done before -- creative recycling is always welcome on these pages -- but we like the balance this strikes between looking like the original packaging and taking on its own identity as lighting. What packaging would you want to see reincarnated as lighting? Hit the jump for more pics. ::Anke Weiss Studio via ::Yanko Design

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Green lighting: Packaging light from Anke Weiss Special

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