Packaging Gets Functional: From Box to TV Stand


A perfect companion to the lite2go lamp in your zero waste home, the television packaging designed by Tom Ballhatchet becomes the television stand. Putting wheels on it for easy transport home, Ballhatchet designed the areas that the screen occupied inside the package to be used as shelves for the TV stand (the wheels come off and go underneath), and the result is the first large appliance packaging we've seen that won't end up in the recycle bin or landfill when you get it unpacked. Yeah, TVs will soon hog the most energy of any single appliance in your home, so we generally aren't crazy about boob tubes, but you can't deny the intelligence and design savvy of this innovative package, and you won't have to worry about what to do when you upgrade. Check out step-by-step pics of the unpacking and setup process after the jump. ::Tom Ballhatchet via ::Hugg and ::Gizmodo




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