Ozmoenergy - converts plastic to diesel!

We’ve had a few Willy Wonka type machines out to save-the-world recently (Two Machines and Startech.) Not wanting to lose the momentum, here is yet another. Apparently 20% of the waste in our modern landills is non-degradable plastic. The Ozmotech solution is to convert this into diesel fuel. Their patented process uses liquefaction, pyrolysis and catalytic breakdown to render 1kg of waste plastic into 950ml of oil or Green Fuel. This contains the same energy content as conventional diesels, but with "significantly reduced emissions levels". Existing diesel engines are said to run fully effectively on these fuels with no engine modification. It works best with PP, PE and PS plastics. Can also manage ABS, PA, PUR and EVA but is not so keen on PVC or PET. Yet another reason to avoid PVC! Their websites are a mine of information - go digging. ::Ozmotech Australia and ::Ozmoenergy Europe [by WM]