Own the Day at Architecture for Humanity


rendering courtesy Sola Morissey and Studio Gang Architects

Our pals at Architecture for Humanity (AFH), the non-profit design collective that seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crises and brings design services to communities in need. They're doing great work around the world, from Katrina relief in Mississippi to community centers and daycare in India to an orphanage in Tanzania, but they can't do it all themselves.

Rather than appealing to busy professionals to roll up their sleeves, take time off and do some pro-bono work, they're asking that you instead donate a day's salary; in return, you will "Own the Day," meaning that you will be sponsoring their work around the world for one day of your choice.

Your name will go on their website to reflect your "ownership" of that day, and you can feel good knowing you're making the world more livable. AFH gave us Design Like You Give a Damn, so the least we can do as individuals is show them that we do give a damn.

Seize the day and get all the details at their site. ::Own the Day at ::Architecture for Humanity

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