OUD NOW! Reclaimed Cabinets Splice The Old & New

Photos: Theo Herfkens
Repurposing old furniture can be as simple as applying a new coat of paint. But why stop there? Dutch designer Theo Herfkens goes the extra mile by playing doctor in his OUD NOW! (meaning "old now") collection of furniture that splices reclaimed vintage pieces with modern cabinetry, giving birth to new hybrids with a foot in the past.

It starts with Herfkens salvaging and touching up old furniture pieces, then adding on a custom base cupboard to complete the juxtaposition of styles.



The result is something that's unique, says Herfkens, "because the top cabinet comes from a recovered original, each new OUD NOW! cabinet has a one-of-a-kind shape and color combination."

oudnow6 copy.jpg

It's the contrast of interdependency that lends a freshness -- on the one hand, the vintage piece may look too worn or outdated to stand on its own, while the modern cabinet might look a tad too faceless and bland. But put together, it's a coherent creative strategy to make the best of both worlds, creating something distinctive and sustainable.

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