Ostrich Pillow gets downsized for kids

Ostrich Pillow
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Bucky Fuller claimed that he only slept 30 minutes every six hours, but according to Wikipedia he had to give it up because " his schedule conflicted with that of his business associates, who insisted on sleeping like other men." He would have loved the Ostrich Pillow, which helps you sleep anywhere, anytime. Few posts I have written have attracted so many derisive comments as my original coverage, fortunately now deleted when we switched to Discus, but I still think it is TreeHugger material because if you are living in small spaces or working in crowded environments, sometimes you need a little extra help to have a nap. Meanwhile the Ostrich Pillow blew through its Kickstarter campaign, went into production and has been a huge success.

Now, Spanish architects and designers Kawamura-Ganjavian have brought out a Junior version, which in fact makes a lot of sense, since parents often try to get kids to sleep anywhere, anytime. Certainly there were many times when the kids were in the back seat of the car and I would have loved to put a bag over their head, particularly if it would help them fall asleep. It doesn't look as strange on kids, either. More at Ostrich Pillow. and Mocoloco

Ostrich Pillow gets downsized for kids
This makes a lot of sense; it doesn't look so strange on kids.

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