Osisu Design's Beautiful Reclaimed Teak Furniture


The Thai architect and product designer Singh Intrachooto has created a beautiful series of furniture using scraps of teak wood. The wood is sourced from reclaimed trees uprooted to build roads and from off cuts of wood left over from Intrachooto's architectural projects. His company Osisu Design launched three collections last year called Lini, Lami and Tilee. The two pieces shown above illustrate how different off cuts are used in different ways to influence the form and pattern of the furniture. The Chairwalker, from the Lini collection, uses off cut strips, while the seat of the TT bench, from the Tilee collection, is made from the smallest off cuts, showing how even the tiniest pieces can be reused. In an interview with Three Layer Cake last year Singh Intrachooto talked about his commitment to environmentally concious design, but also expressed the challenges he faces in his work:


"The most difficult thing I am encountering now is the non-standardness. The fact that every piece is different, it’s not the same. That’s the most difficult thing to handle with working with reclaimed material... I have a lot of crap in my house lying around to experiment. For example, this year I used a lot of waste from construction. I have to do experiments from this wood cut off. I can make twenty pieces, and then that waste is gone, and I can’t make it anymore. I can’t make 1000 pieces because I don’t have that much material. It’s almost like art work, even though people may not think that, they can’t imagine that I am working with waste." Read the full interview here. We really admire these beautiful forms created by Osisu Design, but we can't help wondering how much glue is needed to laminate all those off cuts together. Osisu Design is stocked by Ford Brady in the US. Via: Moco Loco :: Osisu Design

In a lightning quick response Singh Intrachooto has already contacted us this afternoon to elaborate on the glues and finishes used on the Osisu range of furniture. He says "You are correct that the technique used to construct these furniture requires glue. We use a water-based glue which is non-toxic in its production and does not release VOC. The finishes we use are either Livos oil or Teak oil depending on the clients. We do not use lacquer or other toxic paints. We want to eliminate all the toxic substances not only for environmental reasons but also for the longevity of our human resource. The builders who make this furniture are master builders, very skilled, highly patient and undertanding of the environmental concerns, they are irreplaceable. They must be well taken care of. They have to be healthy if we all to survive; everything we use must not hurt them nor our customers. Else we all are going to loose the battle to save the environment."

Singh was also kind enough to send some images of his latest designs. Thanks Singh!
Osisu Design will be showing at the Thailand International Furniture Fair in Bankok, 7-11 March.