Oru Kayak is an origami boat

Whether you live in the sprawling suburbs or in a dense, urban environment, the are sacrifices with any living situation. Projects like Life Edited and much of the transformer furniture or other modern, sustainable design we cover here at TreeHugger aim to show that with smarter design, it is possible to reduce our housing footprint, by living in smaller spaces without giving up our favorite things.

The Oru Kayak is a good example of these principles in practice. Inspired after becoming an urbanite with limited storage space, Anton Willis designed the Oru Kayak so he could continue enjoying boating, without requiring a big garage or loft apartment to store a canoe or kayak.

Judging by the success of their Kickstarter campaign, the concept clearly resonates, raising $443,806, far surpassing their goal of $80,000.

I enjoy canoeing, but have yet to buy my own boat because I have never had enough storage space. You also need access to a car with a roof rack to transport a boat from your house to the water. As the designer, Anton Willis, explains on the Kickstarter page, the Oru helps bypass some of these limitations:

"Inspired by origami, this innovative kayak transform quickly, easily— and almost magically. Stash it in a trunk, check it on a plane, stow it aboard a sailboat, or hike it in to remote waters."

See more pictures of the boat below. And visit Oru Kayak to learn more.

via Canoe & Kayak

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