Ornamental Inheritance: Old Ceramics Given New Life


Deftly combining contemporary symbols (like airplanes, modern architecture, a McDonalds sign and what looks to be a windmill or two) with aging materials, Netherlands-based studio Jo Meesters and vormgevingsbureau take used ceramics and sandblast them to create a new landscape. Meesters aims to combine technology and craftsmanship, with a balance between aesthetics and innovation within his designs, and the results of this hybridization are quite striking. Hit the jump for more pics of "Ornamental Inheritance" (the ceramic project), and for the details on more of Meesters' work on something called "My Secret Garden." ::studio Jo Meesters


"My Secret Garden" is a carpet made out of discarded wool blankets, combining traditional needlework and floral patterns. It's part of the collection called "re: use | re: make | re: value" which is "centered on the reuse and revaluation of discarded objects," according to Meesters. Each piece is painstakingly attached using traditional needlework, and combines lots of color with modern shapes to create something that is fun without being kitschy and powerful without being overdone.

More "Ornamental Inheritance" below



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