Origin: The London Craft Fair: Week 2

rogers shawl photo

It's the second week of Origin: The London Craft Fair and there are 140 different craftspeople showing their wares. This time around there is a whole different feel to the show; lots more yummy and unique jewellery, weaving and vessels with an eco bent to them.

We can't resist Adrienne Rogers' hand-knit throws, shawls and scarves. They are made out of yarns such as silk mohair, japanese silk, belgian linen and organic cotton. Using stitches with names like interlock loop, bridge or tunnel and flow, and big fat knitting needles, she makes decorative but functional blankets that are soft and luxurious. The palette is muted and drawn from nature; colours reminiscent of pine bark, driftwood, river rocks, and clouds.They make you want to cuddle up under them with a cup of tea and forget the world.

jet cullen crafts photo

Jacqueline Cullen makes jewellery out of Whitby (Yorkshire) jet. It's a fossilised wood that is 180 million years old and is found in rock form in cliffs. The jet rocks come in on the tide, after they have fallen from the rock face so that there is no negative ecological impact. In Victorian times, pins and earrings were made out of jet--it was a stone to be worn during mourning. Cullen's work is a contemporary take on this old material; she makes jewellery that is modern and sensual in feel.

malet metal crafts photo

Claire Malet makes vessels out of recycled metal containers. She collects old metal food containers--olive oil cans, soup tins, and works them into objects of beauty. Malet works with hand tools, using heat and gilding techniques, often adding gold leaf and copper to make sculptural pieces of art. The shapes are reminiscent of natural forms: fragments of shells and rock formations.

holden stitching crafts photo

Michelle Holden started out as an embroiderer and has moved into paper and word based works. She takes old maps and reworks them. This one (pictured) was an Ordnance survey map from 1908 and on its reverse she stitched on the old roads and rivers that were shown on it. In other work she uses the pages from old books and works thread, both by hand and by machine, to re-construct them into something new and yet still old. Origin: The London Craft Fair
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