Organicube Squeezes Entire Apartment into 10x10x10 Cube

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Austrian designer Chris Precht squeezes an entire apartment into a 3 meter (10 foot) cube.

The project explores the creative potential of the material world on the one hand and a study of living in a compressed space on the other hand.
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We love projects that squeeze so much into a small space, and it is made of Corian, which Dupont tells us is green. And who are we to argue with Dupont?

The designer writes:

The design shows what the abilities of material in the future are: fluid, dynamic and curvelinearity in one complex shape which inherents all needs for modern living. So the organizational and formal structure is based on funtional elements. OrganiCube defines a new architectural condition outside orthogonal, off-grid and harmonic inside.

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OrganiCube can be easily stacked and implemented in many environments.... Getting all the facilities on a groundfloor of 9sqm, functional elements have to be compact and compressed. Through compression things get folded.

These foldings are a functional alement as well and the Cube provides a high standard of accommodation for one or two people, defining main facilities: living/sleeping/working and a separate bathroom. At one place a line shapes for example the wardrobe and a few steps further it flows into a completely different living setup. All featured curves have their distinctive function and purpose. Through this moving and fluid interior the cube should bring harmony to residents in a sensual way.

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OrganiCube by Christian Precht via Dezeen
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