organicARCHITECTIn 1997, San Francisco architect Eric Corey Freed started organicARCHITECT to do green design and, well, architecture. Since then, in addition to designing buildings, he's written books, researched new techniques and materials, and in 2004 established the organic awards, recognizing the best new products that promote "design innovation and environmental responsibility." He's been written up in the San Francisco Chronicle and is the author of several papers and books (all of which can be downloaded on his site as free PDFs -- very cool) about green guidelines for architects and contractors, product lifecycles, and how to pitch green building to clients, among other things. He's sponsoring some great upcoming events with Gil Friend, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and William McDonough to spread the word. His site also boasts of a blog, but obviously that's still in the planning stages. As is, strangely, his portfolio. Still, it's great to see such an energetic advocate for green building. :: via land+living :: via Enviropundit :: organicARCHITECT [by Dave Roberts of Gristmill]