Organic Beeswax, Play Dough Tea Cups From Chile To Reflect On Our Relationship With Objects

Biodegradable Beewax Tea Cup By Tocornal In Chile Photo

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

With the goal of investigating the emotional attachment of people with objects, Chilean designer Mariana Tocornal experiments with biodegradable materials such as beeswax and play dough in these haunting and "not conventionally useful" tea cups and bowls.The designer's idea is to confront people with the challenge of finding a way to relate to an object of recognizable form but untypical material, in order to make them reflect on it.

Biodegradable Beewax Tea Cup, Puck Bowls By Tocornal In Chile Photo

"To date, Beecups have been interpreted as decorative objects, flower vases, candle holders or as containers for jewelry, dice, seeds, sand, sugar, and even warm tea. Some less conventional uses range from determining the position of the sun, to more aggressive drives such as fulfilling the need to bite them, melt them or cut them in slices. There is no correct use for these objects, they are meant to be ambiguous so that each person can claim though physical or conceptual customization," she explains at her website.

With the play dough model, she wants to confront people with the desire to change the objects shape. "Play dough stays malleable, its shape susceptible to forces allowing limitless change. Does the user accept the form as final or is it just one of its possibilities?," she asks.

The feather containers are called by the designer Pluck Bowls, and were generated to study functionality, materiality and memory, according to Tocornal.

Biodegradable Play Dough Tea Cup, Puck Bowls By Tocornal In Chile Photo

Although we're all for little possessions, useful multi-purpose objects and very against nonsense acquisitions here at TreeHugger, works such as Tocornal's are interesting to explore looking at things in a new way. Especially when they are done with biodegradable, organic materials.

These can also be interesting studies for better disposable products, if those are needed at all that is.

They can be acquired at Huma in the trendy Avenida Italia area of Santiago de Chile, were we spotted them during a recent trip a few weeks ago.

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