Orchid House Near Buenos Aires Is Eco-Concious, But Is It Green?

Green Architecture Orchid House Buenos Aires Argentina Photo

Photos: AndresRemy.com.

The Orchid House is one of the first to be built under environmental concerns in Buenos Aires. Designed by architect Andres Remy, it is certainly beautiful and loaded with neat energy saving features, but, Can a house in the middle of a private neighborhood about one hour from the city be green?

Click through for more details and great pics in the extended.The house was requested by a couple interested in eco architecture to live with their two children. Architect Andrés Remy researched eco friendly design in New York for four years along with architect Rafael Viñoly (author of the LEED certified Brooklyn Museum) and came up with the plan.

Inspired by the shape of orchids (not in an obvious way), the house incorporates energy efficient and saving features, natural lightening and ventilation and low impact materials.

Green Architecture Orchid House Plan Buenos Aires Argentina Image

The shape of the orchid can (somehow) be seen in the plan.

The rooms of the house were assigned according to the moments of the day in which they'll be used and the sun's position. The windows are all double glazed, and walls and ceilings were built with air chambers. The painting used was water based.

Strategic location of the windows allows natural cross ventilation and the circulation of air on a people's level and not in the ceilings.

Green Architecture Orchid House Ventilation Buenos Aires Argentina Image

A scheme showing the natural temperature control.

All of these features are great, except maybe for the huge size of the house. And the fact that it is located at the Haras del Sol private neighborhood, in a suburb of Buenos Aires called Pilar about one hour from the city. Needless to say car-dependent.

The neighborhood is the first to be called 'Slow', as it says to promote better life quality and preservation of the natural flora and fauna.

So on one hand, great looking house with green features and clever energy saving. On the other, outside the city and car dependent. Green or not?

Green Architecture Orchid House Buenos Aires Argentina Photo

Another view of the house.
Green Architecture Orchid House Buenos Aires Argentina Photo

From the back.
Green Architecture Orchid House Buenos Aires Argentina Photo

The sleek looking interior.

Via Clarin
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