"Orange Contempo" Recycled Glass Tumblers


These tumblers are handmade from molten crystal. Three designers: Alonso, Michael and Orfeo craft these six orange cylinders in translucent recycled "art glass". Michael is Swiss, Orfeo is Italian-American and Alonso is Mexican. The set of six is priced at $69.95 from Novica. They also come in green and red. The designers say: "We begin by mixing silicate sand with potassium, calcium, sodium and other chemical components that give clarity and shine to our glass. We blend and melt them at a temperature of 2,200°F. Then we take up tools that have been used by glass artisans for more than 2,000 years. Aided by iron molds, we blow each piece individually. The molds are cooled by continuous currents of water that flow over them. As we blow the glass into shape, we add colors according to the desired design. The fiery piece is cooled for a day. We remove the portion of glass that was attached to the blowing tube and no evidence of it remains. Then we polish the piece to perfection. We offer hand-crafted glassware of the highest quality, so rather than looking like recycled glass the products are as clear as crystal. Our products are utilitarian but with a highly refined sense of aesthetic."