Open-Source Construction Kit Will Revolutionize Natural Building. But It Needs Your Help.

Global Village Construction Set appeal photoGlobal Village Construction Set/Video screen capture

Back in January I raved about the awesome open source Global Village Construction Kit project (GVCK), which is aiming to design, build, document and share open-source plans for creating almost everything you need to build a modern, resilient civilization.

A Civilization Starter-Kit
As founder Marcin Jacubowksi explained in his TED talk on open source ecology, the project is working on a bewilderingly broad range of machines—to be used in areas from energy to construction to farming—that can be built largely from locally-sourced materials and interchangeable components.

Construction Toolkit Will Revolutionize Natural Building
Before moving on to some other elements of the GVCK, the team are looking to complete the final phase of testing and documentation of the construction portion of the toolkit. This includes the Tractor, Compressed Earth Brick Press, Soil Pulverizer, and Hydraulic Power Unit – tools that they claim will make natural building techniques scalable, cheap and fast. (They are aiming to demonstrate $5 per sq. foot building costs, while staying within industry standard construction schedules.)

Completing the Construction Toolkit Will Need Your Help
That’s why they’ve launched a Kickstarter appeal to raise $40,000 half of which will go toward complete documentation of the units, and the other half of which will help fund construction of a 5000 square foot fabrication facility and 10 living units on the project headquarters at Factor e Farm in Missouri. To top it all off, they plan on publishing a full energy accounting report, that will include “embodied energy estimates for materials and the “joules per day” of both biological (food calories burned by humans) and electromechanical systems (fuel burned by hydraulic power units) during the construction phase.”

Seriously, I think these guys have thought of everything.

Open-Source Construction Kit Will Revolutionize Natural Building. But It Needs Your Help.
The makers of the Global Village Construction Kit plan to revolutionize natural building. Now they're crowdsourcing funding for the final push on 4 of their machines.

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