Open House London Presents Village Underground: 4 Recycled Subway Cars

outside village underground photo

Open House London is an architectural orgy when 700 buildings and private houses are open all over London for the public to visit. Village Underground has to be one of the wildest: 4 recycled London Underground Tube (subway) carriages lifted up on top of old Victorian arches and turned into offices. Covered with graffiti, reached by a winding metal staircase and a spectacular view over the east end.

It is a social enterprise project, funded partially by the local authority, and it took two years of planning to get it going. Then, in one day, all of the carriages were craned up on top of the empty warehouse and put in place. Post-renovation they are rented out to a creative community of artists and design types. And community it is, with chairs and tables out on the rooftop garden/deck, a barbeque going, with food being served.

village underground carriage. photo

All the cars have carbon-neutral heat and power and are ecologically outfitted. Surprisingly spacious in feel, there is room to set up desks and chairs and sitting areas. The interiors are all very different. This one is very sleek and stylish and immaculate.

inside village underground photo

This one has a more casual (!) feel, with a children's play area at the other end of the car. Another has retained the existing seats, only re-covered them in a big black and white floral print and painted the floors red.

four village underground photo

This one is the highest. The office below is newly created, as a base for the carriage, and has the same long tubular shape. :: Village Underground

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