Open House London: Architecture in the Flesh


Get on your running shoes and get going: it's that crazy weekend again. On September 15 and 16, hundreds of private and public buildings across every London borough will be open to the public for two short days. Figuring out where to go first and what to see is a major logistical challenge since the queues are long--especially for those achingly minimalist private homes. This year several houses have been identified as "green sustainable" houses, including one by David Cameron's ever-so fashionable green architect Alex Michaelis--watch for a special th report. There are also two special eco-tours organized by Sponge, a group of young professionals with an interest in sustainability. Then there is the special lecture series on "The Greening of the Capital's Homes" with talks by an architect on solid timber building and two homeowners on transforming their victorian house into a sustainable one.

London has a number of major developments which will change the face of some formerly tacky parts of town. At King's Cross, massive redevelopment is underway, including the new train station for the Eurostar. London 2012 Olympic Park, the site for the games is also on display, with the project team on site. Public art, on hoardings and done in collaboration with architects is also be featured, in tours and in lectures. Lots to see and read about. :: Open House

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