Open House at the Desert House by Marmol Radziner


We have covered the Desert House before, here and here. Marmol Radziner calls it a "stylish, sustainable, and affordable prefab". We are not sure about sustainable (the usual issues about second homes, size, etc) or affordable (very fairly priced for the quality and materials, it is worth every penny but this isn't low cost housing) but is sure is stylish and we are not going to be churlish- Having been in it, I continue to think that it is perhaps the most beautiful modern prefab yet. It is the private home of the architect Leo Marmol but he is holding an open house on Sunday, October 28 from 1 to 6. Anyone who can get there should, it is truly stunning; between the house and the view (of the mountains, don't look to the right) it is up there with our most memorable architectural experiences. Directions ::here more information at ::Marmol Radziner