Open Architecture Challenge Video

With just one month to go before the deadline for the Open Architecture Challenge arrives we hope all the designers and architects taking part around the world are readying their proposals for submission. While all you guys have been designing and developing ideas the Architecture For Humanity and AMD teams have been travelling to the three communities to meet the people whose lives are going to be transformed by your work.This video by Turk Pipkin documents the journeys taken by Cameron Sinclair of AFH and Dan Shine from AMD to meet Nyaya Health in Nepal, SIDAREC in Kenya and Kallari in Ecuador. All three communities have extremely diverse terrains, different problems, individual cultures and languages, but all are united by the desire to take part in a global initiative. They are all excited by the prospect of working together with designers from around the world to create positive change in their communities.

Watch this video and be inspired by the possibilities of collaboration and cooperation.
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