Open Architecture Challenge: And The Winners Are...

Winning entry for Sidarec in Kenya photo

Drumroll please.....Today the winners of the Open Architecture Challenge have been announced. TreeHugger has been following this global architectural design competition over the last year with great interest. This ambitious concept launched by Architecture For Humanity in collaboration with AMD has involved three developing communities on three continents, all bidding for a new building that will have the power to improve a great many people's quality of life.

In the end there were 263 entries by designers from 57 different countries around the world. Over the last few months 51 jury members together with 80+ community jury members have been whittling them down to make their final selection. There is a winning entry for each of the three projects and one overall winner that will be built with the $250 000 given by AMD. Click over the page to find out who won.The winner of Open Architecture Challenge Africa and the winner of the overall competition is The Global Studio from Seattle (see picture above.) Click here to see more about their proposal for a technology resource centre in Mukuru Kwa Njenga outside Nairobi that will provide a place of inspiration and activity for local youth.

The finalists in the Africa Challenge were Duvivier Architects from Venice, CA and KBAS from Philidelphia

Winning entry for Nyaya Health in Nepal photo

The winning entry for the Tele-Medical Centre in Nepal was Max Fordham, LLP (Gwilym Still, David Hawkins, Bertie Dixon and Thomas Bailess) + Nick Lawrence from London. You can see their design above and in more detail here.

The finalist for the Asia Challenge were Emre Can Yilmaz from Istanbul and Studio Wikitecture from Second Life. The latter entry was also awarded the Founders Award for, in AFH's words, "embracing a truly collaborative way of working using online crowd sourcing and Second Life as a way to create a highly participatory design approach."

Winning entry for Kallari Association in Ecuador photo

The winning entry for the Kallari Association's Chocolate factory and technology hubs in Ecuador was Igor Taskov, ChunSheh Teo, Heather Worrell from Nis, Serbia and Indianapolis. You can see their stunning design above and in more detail here.

The finalists for the South America Challenge were zerOgroup [Laurent Troost] from Manaos, Brazil and HdlT Collaborative from Seattle

Many congratulations to all involved in these fantastically dynamic, socially conscious and environmentally aware proposals. Although for the moment only the winning entry for SIDAREC is programmed to be built, there is every hope that in the near future sufficient funds can be raised to construct the other two winning entries in Nepal and Ecuador.

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