Ontario Liquor Stores to Start Recycling


In Ontario's wacky and anachronistic world of alcohol sales, you go to the Government owned liquor store for wine and booze, and to the brewer-owned cooperative for beer. The Beer Store has one of the world's best recycling systems- 98% of bottles are returned and refilled up to 25 times. They make it easy and convenient- our favourite cottage brewer even reissued the handy cases with handles from the 50's that were nicknamed the "Scarborough Suitcase" after a blue-collar Toronto suburb reputed to suck up a lot of beer. We have railed against the government monopoly, which should have been leading the way, but has been resisting taking back bottles for years. Their logic was that wine and liquor bottles come from all over the world they cannot be returned and refilled, and they did contribute big bucks to municipal recycling programs. Unfortunately when the bottles are thrown into the dumptrucks the glass colours get mixed and are unsuitable for much other than mixing with asphalt for paving- the ultimate in downcycling. Now their owners, the government, have mandated that they should start charging a deposit and they have subcontracted the returns to, who else, the beer store. It is about time. ::Yahoo and Linton at ::Hugg Scarborough Suitcase via ::Spacing.ca