Only Three More Days To Vote in the Chain of Eco-Homes Competition



I have been spending some time admiring the work submitted for the Greensburg Eco-Home competition; there is some lovely stuff. But there are also some seriously good ideas for green design that are worth looking at; many competitors have worked hard at resolving issues of natural ventilation and passive solar design. Public voting is open until the 30th, so get in and vote. The jurors are going to have a very tough time.


The Eco-Dream House actually is shaped and oriented according to the prevailing winds and projected direction of tornadoes; (and at time of writing this post, is the third most popular!)


The split/stack eco home has some careful planning of ventilation,


And some pretty sophisticated controls.


Tournesol Home

There are a few passive house designs;


Modern Farm House

Some good demonstrations of careful site planning;


Living Wall

And many examples of careful design for solar gain in winter, shade in summer. You could put many of these entries together as a textbook of good, simple, passive green design,


Sycamore Home

Offset by the occasional solar panel covered wonder. See them all at the Chain of Eco-Homes Competition

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