Only in Hamilton: Vote For Architectural Crime vs Heritage

hamilton city hall and UN building

I am constantly agog at the shenanigans that go on in Hamilton, Ontario with respect to its historic buildings. Hamilton has everything it needs to be a great small city except leadership and vision. It also has "one of the few intact examples of International Style Civic architecture in Canada", which they compare to the United Nations building. Right now, the UN is being renovated at great expense to bring it back to its former glory; in Hamilton, they are renovating the City Hall but want to it on the cheap and clad it in precast instead of the original marble.

marble cladding image

Because the building is designated as historic and the bylaw included the finishes, this isn't actually legal; but hey, it's Hamilton so they do what they want. The preservationists are up in arms, as anyone who cares about design and architecture would be. We have to save our great old buildings, make them green and efficient but also beautiful, not destroy them.

Since the Mayor didn't get the support he needed from his own staff who rejected the request to substitute the concrete for marble, he is taking it to the citizens with a poll. Let's tell Mayor Fred Eisenberger that it is time that Hamilton did something right instead of cheap. Let's show him that thousands care about what happens to our old buidings. Vote for marble in his poll here.
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