One Tonne Life: Interview with Project Architect Gert Wingårdh on His Energy Efficient Building (Video)

One Tonne Life Architect Gert Wingardh photo

Image via One Tonne Life - Portrait of Gert Wingårdh

Last week the One Tonne Life project began in Stockholm and TreeHugger was there to meet the key players in this fascinating low carbon lifestyle experiment. To recap, the Lindell family have moved into a solar powered prefab house, designed by one of Sweden's top architects Gert Wingårdh, in order to radically reduce their annual carbon footprint to one tonne per person. We talked to Wingårdh about the materials and processes that went into making this house so energy efficient.

One Tonne Life House exterior photo

Image by Leonora Oppenheim - One Tonne Life house exterior.

The house was constructed by prefab experts A-Hus, but designed as a mass producible model by Wingårdh. It is interesting that an architect, who is usually better known for building high end luxury villas in Sweden, should get involved in the mainstream sustainable housing market. But as Wingårdh told us "We were keen to do a low energy consumption building, because we think that this is basically the future."

One Tonne Life living room photo

Image by Leonora Oppenheim - One Tonne Life downstairs living room.

While it's clear that the promise of invaluable publicity that this project offers to all the big brands involved is a big draw, the overwhelming impression we got was the value of the collaborative learning process.

Wingårdh explains: "We're very fortunate to be working with Sweden's big energy producer Vattenfall. There's a huge knowledge base to tap into on this project, working with new technologies. We saw it as a great way to get knowledgeable about low energy consumption."

Watch Gert Wingårdh and the project architect Martina Wahlgren talk about their experience working on the One Tonne Life project and the importance of helping to make it beautiful and easy to live a low carbon lifestyle.

You can take a virtual tour of the One Tonne Life house on the A-Hus site.

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