One to Watch: Basurama from Madrid


Eres lo que tiras

"You are what you throw away". To illustrate this theme, Basurama installed a wall of trash at the FIBart '07. Guests at the exhibition contributed to the visualization of the detritus of their consumption. 185 tons of waste. Out of sight, out of mind is the philosophy Basurama aims to fight.

We decided to google Basurama after reading about this group, which is based at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. "Basura" is spanish for "trash" so naturally Basurama caught our eye. The group is not ashamed to draw attention to their cause by titling their blog "Marge Simpson Naked" in tribute to some most-searched terms (hmmm, now this article will be found too...). If you don't read Spanish, you will miss a lot of the philosophizing in the somewhat functional English version of the Basurama website. But if you are counted in the 500 million que hablan español, visit Basurama in Spanish to peruse reflections on the second half of the life of a rose, or on teaching architects to go beyond winning prizes and getting drawings published to creations which are "urban, social and participatory".

image via: FIB-Art 2007

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