One Rock 'N Roll Concept: the Rocking Wheel Chair


Though technically a rocking chair, we think "rocking & rolling chair" might be a more appropriate moniker for this spacey concept. For anyone who wasn't impressed with the "Think" reading lamp/chair combo, hold on to your hats...seriously; if the "Rocking Wheel Chair" concept by student designer Mathias Koehler doesn't bowl you over, we don't know what will. Though it looks like something that would be more at home in a cheesy, futuristic, over-the-top alien flick, we love the way the "rocking" functionality has been integrated with the overhead reading lamp (no other rocking chair we've ever seen offers that combo); we could also see "amusement part ride at home" added to the multi-tasking list of functions it provides. If this rocker ever makes it to production, we'd recommend one of two additions: either a five-point harness or someplace to store a barf bag. ::Mathias Koehler via ::Core77

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