One of a Kind: K Maclean


The One of a Kind show in Toronto is a vast, carefully curated, crowded collection of artisans, artists, craftspeople and designers, a world apart from your normal crafts show. Buy Nothing Day didn't make a dent in it as we visited its green section- a small but interesting collection of art and fashion.

K Maclean builds bird feeders from kitchen utensils and vases from muffler heat shields. " I work with obsolescence. My muse lives in the scrap heap and everyday I pray to the goddess Serendipity in the alley of plenty."2007-11-25_092240.jpg

"I have been visiting auction houses, yard sales, surplus dealers and combing the streets for urban flotsam for about fifteen years, slowly building up a large "palette" of industrial fittings and generally odd "high tech junk". I look for circular shapes, rusty hardware, and highly crafted components and often the pieces I come across dictate the direction of the sculpture. I get to be an artist, antique dealer, and pack rat all in the same occupation."

A new, artistic definition of upcycling. ::K Maclean; small pieces like his fridge magnets, earrings and jewellery are available on ::Etsy. found at the ::One of a Kind show.

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