One Good Chair: Furniture Design Competition


They're looking for one good chair. Recognizing that the furniture design industry is becoming more environmentally aware when it comes to manufacturing and materials, but acknowledging that the shape hasn't innovated along with it, One Good Chair is a furniture design competition that's inviting designers to contribute their vision for a new kind of chair, one that focuses first on form.

The contest, sponsored by the Sustainable Furniture Council, is looking to create a new attitude in design, and transcend basic green standards by transforming the very nature of the chair. That's not to say it can't have four legs and a seat, but its design should support its sustainability. What will that mean? It's not just about using sustainable wood, or fair trade labor; it's about creating something that shifts the way those materials are used, in a greener way. What will the willing design have? The focus of the competition is the lounge chair or similar casual seating—simple objects to aid the body in the act of sitting. Commercial office chairs and other specialized functions are not appropriate, but otherwise you have as much latitude as you can explain and illustrate in a convincing way.

Successful entries will be clear, compelling, innovative designs that demonstrate three criteria:

  • Make good (Material conservation). How can shape optimize resources in design, fabrication, and shipping? What forms create little waste but lots of taste?
  • Feel good (Physical comfort). How can shape aid the body in the act of sitting? How do different people sit? How might they?
  • Look good (Emotional resonance). What kinds of images create emotional bond between viewer and product? What is the intersection of sustainability and sensuality?
  • Conceptual designs and built prototypes are both welcome, but products already sold on the market are prohibited. The design need not have been built, and all entries should be submitted digitally (as renderings, photographs, and other images).

    The competition is open to any designer, architect, student, or interested person anywhere. Judging will be anonymous. Winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the Las Vegas Market, and rewarded with $4500 in cash, which can be used to create a prototype for production. For all the details, including submission details and info on the process, click on over to ::One Good Chair

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