One For The Road: A Home in a Shopping Cart

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The Road opens this week, with Viggo Mortensen pushing a shopping cart through a post-apocalyptic world. Kevin Cyr was thinking about Cormac McCarthy's novel when he designed the Camper Cart. "That cart is almost like a character in the novel," Cyr told the LA Times. "It's essential to the characters' survival."


Viggo Mortensen in The Road, with shopping cart

The LA Times continues:

Despite McCarthy's influence, Cyr considers his own piece "a more lighthearted approach to the doom and gloom of the future. [Camper Kart] is about self-reliance and making do with less.

"It's about taking two objects that are typically thought of as symbols of middle-class prosperity and associating them with poverty."

building the project

It is evidently large enough to fit the 5'-8" Cyr but doesn't look particularly stable, particularly compared with some of the other demonstrations of this form of mimimalist housing. But Cyr says that isn't the point:

"I don't consider myself a designer. These are pieces of sculpture. My work is about making a statement. It's about getting people to talk about these issues."

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