One Family Homes To Solve New York's Congestion (Not)

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The website Sunday Magazine has an interesting idea: it looks at the New York Times Sunday Magazine of exactly 100 years ago for the most interesting article. A century ago this Sunday they covered the hottest planning idea: Single family houses in suburbs.


The planners' idea:

What the committee wants to see is the emptying of the tenements into a great field of one family dwellings, after the style upon which a great portion of Philadelphia is built up.

Of course tenement people remain where the factories are. But why not move out a few of the factories? The great section of almost uninhabited territory on the other side of the East River has splendid waterfront and good railroad facilities. Land values are low and will permit the erection around the factory centre of low-priced one-family houses of modern sanitary construction, with four or five rooms, cellar and bath to rent from $15 to $17 per month."

Sounds just like Brooklyn to me! Unfortunately, while the idea did not catch on here, a few years later, with the development of the private automobile, it did everywhere else.

See the whole article here, from Sunday Magazine

Things turned out rather differently.
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