One Day's Rubbish

The Guardian has an interesting feature where they analyse several peoples trash from one day. They have a few experts give their opinion on each, and provide tips for cutting down on what they find.

There’s some useful advice in there, from how to cut down on the amount of junk mail you receive, to making sure you know exactly what can and can’t be recycled in your area.

By far the strangest bin was the one belonging to Reverend Robert Boulter, "In this day and age I also have a lot of what I see as electronic waste - printouts of emails and digital photos. I also have waste from the church grounds: every day I do a condom patrol, as prostitutes operate here at night. There is also broken glass from a group of youths who spend time behind the church as there is nowhere else to go and get involved in drinking."

The experts seemed rather taken back by that, following a rather more standard list of waste. Davey, an expert of some kind apparently, said, "The Rev Boulter should contact his local council. Some of the materials he's picking up need very careful handling and special disposal, and he needs to take care of himself." :: The Guardian

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One Day's Rubbish
There’s some useful advice in there, from how to cut

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