On The Sunny Side Of The Street


With the US market for solar photo-voltaic power burgeoning, people from every walk of life are accumulating first hand experience with 'keeping on the sunny side' of life. Professional photographer and videographer Rees Candee really likes his new roof-mounted solar system and wants to encourage the rest of the world to consider installing one. Result: the photos shown here and his preview promotional video called "Bright Alternative" was posted for the whole world to see. We asked Rees why he made the video, and included his explanation below. Beyond producing a film that offered a simple explanation of the the benefits of solar, there's a business context for himself and field installation companies. A small or mid-size solar installer might find the price of a custom promotional video daunting, with the possible result that what they it could afford would be comparable in quality to the typical late night car dealership infomercials - an approach out of synch with customers who might have something more elegant in mind.


Our family is trying to walk down a greener path. Like many we have long recycled, bought local produce, driven a hybrid, and bought carbon off-sets. Now we get a portion of our energy from the sun. Our solar array has captured more than 23K kilowatt hours since start up. Along the trail, while researching the solar system I realized there was a need for a simple short film that would explain what a photo voltaic system is, how it works and reasons to consider installing one.

Between working on my other film work, I added this film idea into the mix.

My motivation was to inspire others to look into solar for their situation. I hope that’s what the film does for you. If you’re part of an organization that can use this film to promote solar, it is available to license and use.

P.S. If you’re hesitant clicking on the link, simply go to www.youtube.com and the type in /candeepics, or, perform a search using the name Rees Candee.



Producer, Writer, Director
Candee Productions, Inc.


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