On the Canals of Copenhagen, A Mixed Use Development is Home to a City in a Building (Video)

8-house-copenhagen photo

Photo: seier + seier under a Creative Commons license.

In Copenhagen, a new building is now offering 62,000 square meters for residential, commercial, and communal use. Completed just a few weeks ago, the 8 House is the latest coup de maître of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, whose remarkable work recently won him the European Prize for Architecture. Designed as a mixed use development, the 8 House (named for its figure-eight shape) will provide more than 540 units of housing, catering to occupants ranging from singles to growing families, the young and the elderly. Ingles says it is a project that "straddles the line between building and city planning...an entire neighborhood conceived at once as one building."All residents will be able to access their unit on bike, and each unit will come with a small space for a vegetable garden. In addition to the residential side, the 8 House includes 400 workspaces. A small tower has been built adjacent to the lower, figure-eight building, and is specially twisted at the bottom, so that residents on lower floors have a view that doesn't directly face the neighboring building. For a great, in-depth look at the development check out this video, in which Ingels gives a full tour:

8H - The 8-House from BIG on Vimeo.

For more pictures, check out DesignBoom.

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